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About Accident Insurance

Treatment for a broken bone, a laceration or other accidental injury shouldn’t deplete someone’s bank account. But many medical plans only cover a portion of the costs. Accident Insurance pays in addition to major medical coverage that is already in place. This extra protection can help ease financial worries, so everyone can concentrate on getting better.

How Accident Insurance Works

Accident Insurance from Allstate Benefits pays cash benefits when a covered accidental injury occurs. Coverage may include benefits for ambulance services, physical therapy and more. People with this coverage submit claims after diagnosis and/or treatment and benefits are paid for approved diagnoses and procedures based on a pre-determined schedule of benefits. The cash benefits can be used to help pay for deductibles, treatment costs, house payments or any other household expense – there are no restrictions.

Benefits at a Glance

Meet Rosie


Rosie breaks her leg playing soccer and spends a few hours in the emergency room. The doctor orders x-rays, two follow up visits and three physical therapy sessions.

Rosie pays the $1,250 deductible and $1,875 in coinsurance for her major medical insurance, for a total of $3,125 in out-of-pocket expenses. Then, she files a claim through her Accident Insurance from Allstate Benefits and receives $4,8802 in benefits. That’s enough to cover her out-of-pocket expenses with enough left over to cover some of her monthly expenses.

Disclaimers and notes

*All exclusions and limitations apply to any coverage issued, including pre-existing condition limitation, if applicable.

1. Outpatient Physician’s Treatment is an optional rider available with GVAP2 and GVAP6. Subject to limitations.

2. This is an example of the total benefits that might be paid. The benefits shown are for coverage that includes 2 units of policy GVAP1 and 2 units of rider GVAPBER for most states. The benefits may vary by state and the example shown may vary from the coverage individual employers may offer. Individual experiences may also vary.

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