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Are Over the Counter Medications Safe

are over the counter medications safe

The use of prescription medication against the recommended dosages of the manufacturers is a known issue in this country. Addicts are getting high, young kids are getting hooked, and burn outs are dying by overdose. Narcotics are no laughing matter, and if you have doubts, take a look on the sidewalk of any town or city in the country. Junkies are camping on main street. Needles and fix kits are littered in the sand of your children’s playground. ERs are backed up beyond capacity with addicts looking for their next fix. It is a horrible picture that is being drawn in every community across this once great nation. We ae dying, and no amount of therapy or drug counseling can stem the tide. Are over the counter medications safe? We will look at this phenomenon in the following article, hopefully answering some of your questions along the way. The world might well be long overdue for a mass extinction, with ourselves being the species that no longer has a place on the planet.

Are Over the Counter Medications Safe?

So, are over the counter medications safe? If used as directed, then they can be. However, the dangers lie in the recreational over-dosing of OTC drugs and this leads to death. It is a path we only see after it is too late, when our children are so dependent on drugs that they are selling themselves for a hit on the street.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs abuse is even more prevalent and in the open these days than it was at the turn of the century. Thousands die each year from over-doses, while thousands more are forgotten as a life on the street begins.

Common Medicines

Even the most common medicines can be abused by the young and old alike. All it takes is one little slip and the deadly slop begins with little chance of living to see the end.

Potential Risks of Over the Counter Drugs

So, are over the counter medications safe? If used properly and without abuse or allergic reactions, yes, they are. However, if abused and used for recreational highs or worse by upping the recommended dosage, then no. There is nothing deadlier that a misused OTC drug. Each day, thousands and thousands of kids go searching in their parents’ medicine cabinets for something to take to get high. The trend isn’t decreasing, but increasing at an alarming rate. The potential risks of over the counter drugs is just as high as them sticking a needle in their arms and shooting up.

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