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Are Supplements Medicine

are supplements medicine

In the world of medications, many have different ways of describing what they are taking. Vocabulary such as drugs, medicine, supplements and vitamins all seem to wash around each other without a firm translation on exactly what they mean. Herbal supplements are medication, brought to us from the ancient knowledge of our ancestors, while chemically manufactured vitamins are packaged alongside opioids and other narcotics. The world is a confusing enough place without know what we put in our bodies, and in this article, we will delve in to the world of terminology surrounding such elements. Are supplements medicine? Here will discuss the options available for labeling them, as well as the purposes and functions each have to offer. From those that are billed as homeopathic to those that are considered illegal drugs, the classification system needs to be classified for safety’s sake at the least.

Are Supplements Medicine?

So, are supplements medicine? Yes, they are, in the sense that you are ingesting them to further a beneficial cause for your body. Though they are not prescription drugs like pain killers or antibiotics, they are a foreign substance you ingest to have a targeted effect.

Benefits of Dietary Supplements

The benefits of dietary supplements are far reaching, allowing your body to regulate proteins and carbohydrates for beneficial purposes. This means that a daily dose to supplement you diet or regularly ingested food is helped by these additional agents.

Why Aren’t Supplements FDA Approved?

So, why aren’t supplements FDA approved? It is because they do not have the critical uses as other drugs that need to be regulated, and do not have elements within them that cause addiction of harm to the body.

Food Supplements vs Dietary Supplements

So, are supplements medicine? In the broad sense of everyday language, yes, they are. They are a substance foreign from your body that you are introducing in order to create an effect. The term drug is a wide spectrum of uses, from herbal remedies that don’t require a prescription to illegal narcotics bought form some guy on a dark street corner. But rest assured, in the terminology of ingestion, supplements are definitely medicine, though without harmful or psychotropic functions. Supplements are meant to boost your existing levels of whatever you are taking to promote health and well being, from mental clarity to muscle tone.

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