Serving ACA (Obama Care) in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia

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Getting Started

Information about how to use our services.

Self-Employed People

A health plan offered through Obama Care Quotes is an excellent choice for individuals who are self-employed. This category includes...

Dependent Parents or Stepparents

A dependent parent or stepparent is a tax dependent who meets the definition of a qualifying relative under Internal Revenue Service...

Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is any illness or condition a patient has prior to obtaining insurance. In the past, people could be...

Essential Health Benefits

All health plans Obama Care Quotes offers cover 10 essential health benefits. No matter which plan or coverage level you select,...

Cost-Sharing Reductions

Cost-sharing reductions help you save money when you receive medical care. (Financial help, on the other hand, is the savings...
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