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Can a Child Qualify for Medicare

can a child qualify for medicare

Nothing in this red tape world suggestion planned confusion like health insurance. The less the consumer knows about what the price structures are, what their consumer protection rights are and what they are legally required to carry, the better it is for the predatory sales practices of the for-profit sales force of the insurance conglomerations. It is a fact that every citizen must realize, that if they want to protect and even have a hope of growing their personal wealth, then they must be prepared to do their homework. Nothing comes cheaply these days without some catch, and for definite, there is nothing for free. Truly free. To know what your rights are in relation to benefits and protected coverage, you must be intelligent enough and driven to do your own work in this field. Everyone you speak to has a vested interest, their own, in seeing you make one choice or another. Can a child qualify for Medicare? We will discuss this in the following article.

Can a Child Qualify for Medicare?

So, can a child qualify for Medicare? No, they cannot, at least not on their own. Medicare is established for those who worked for a living and paid into the system for a promise of comprehensive health care in their retirement years. A child would not have legally worked even the smallest amount required to be eligible for the program.

Medicare For Child with Disability

Then is there Medicare for child with disability? No, there isn’t, but that doesn’t close the door on assistance. Medicaid has a special program designed specifically for children with disabilities.

Can a Child Qualify for Medicaid?

Then, can a child qualify for Medicaid? They certainly can, so you would need to speak with a Medicaid specialist to set up a policy for a disabled child.

Medicare Dependent Coverage

So, can a child qualify for Medicare? Unfortunately, that’s not how the system, works. Medicare is only for those who worked and paid into the system, as seeing how a child has no recognized, legal working history, they are not eligible for Medicare. However, there is a Medicare dependent coverage policy that their parents can apply for, though the potential for acceptance is pretty low. If coverage is a concern factor, you can investigate using a special Medicaid program to cover a child who normally wouldn’t be covered any other way.

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