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Can College Students Get Free Health Insurance

can college students get free health insurance

Can college students get free health insurance? It is a solid question when planning for your educational career. And make no mistake, a life in academia is most definitely a career. Your focus is on learning a skill set that will carry you into adulthood and help you progress in your chosen field of work. Too many students take college for granted as though it is just an extension of grade school. This isn’t the case, and as such all of your energy should go into your studies to be the best that you can. This means forgoing an income while you are in college. And with no income, where is your health insurance going to come from?

Can College Students Get Free Health Insurance?

So, can college students get free health insurance? The answer is yes, but there are a few ways this can be accomplished, and all end up costing something in the end, though it might not be cash. One way is to enlist in the armed services, where not only will free health care be available, but also free college tuition. To get this option, see a military recruiter.

If signing up for the military is not your thing, try looking on the national health care exchange, searching for free student health insurance. There may be some options available to you based on your income and what field of study you are going in to. Some fields are strapped for new students, and incentives are published to draw them in. Free health insurance while in college is often one of them.

Health Insurance for Graduate Students

Health insurance for graduate students is a totally different matter, as graduate studies are more of an adult field of accomplishment. Look for school programs that offer health care while you study for your advanced degree, and is you are planning on being a TA or the like, health benefits may well be offered depending on the university you are attending.

Student Health Insurance

Looking for student health insurance can be troublesome, but at least the process is simpler than applying for your college program. Look for policies that cover not only the basics but will grow as you grow a family. This way, your premiums will reduce for the long haul as a valued and long-term consumer.

Average Cost of College Student Health Insurance

So, can college students get free health insurance? The answer is yes, but the next step is to review the average cost of college student health insurance when a minimal policy is chosen. Depending on the effort needed to get free care, this might be a better alternative.

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