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Can Family Medicine Doctors Work at Hospitalists

can family medicine doctors work as hospitalists

We expect that our safety and health are the primary concerns of our doctors, but more and more we are finding this isn’t the case. Treatment at a medical facility is not something that works in our favor in most cases, where we are viewed as walking billable, and our insurance coverage indicates our worth and moral fiber. It is a travesty, and one that simply isn’t changing any time soon. There are exceptions, of course, of doctors who heal because they have the innate desire to serve their fellow man. These are the family practitioners, the ones who are seen as remnants of the rural country doctor knowing each and every one of their patients. But, can family medicine doctors work as hospitalists? They can, and in this article, we will go over the details and explain.

Can Family Medicine Doctors Work as Hospitalists?

So, can family medicine doctors work as hospitalists? They can and often do. It is called having privileges with that hospital, and there are some simple rules that are followed to allow this to occur.

Family Medicine Hospitalist Fellowship

A family medicine hospitalist fellowship allows a family practitioner to use the facilities at a local hospital. There are fees involved, but these are passed onto the patient, so many doctors try and not use these perks.

What Family Medicine is the Best

In the realm of family medicine, there are a few generalities, but what family medicine is the best? Generally speaking, a general practitioner is the best, as they have skill sets that allow them to diagnose a wide variety of ailments.

Family Physician Work Hours

So, can family medicine doctors work as hospitalists? They can under a provision called ‘privileges.’ With hospital privileges, a family practitioner can utilize the equipment and facilities of a local hospital with a nominal fee, which is often passed on to the patient. This is most often seen in obstetrics and oncology, though any medical reason can be used. The family physician work hours allow for more flexibility, and they aren’t required to stand watches or shifts at the hospital. Though some provide coverage for the hospital, this isn’t always a necessity. Care is best given by those who actually care for their patients, so finding a small family practice to watch over your family is always recommended.

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