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Can Generic Medications Be Different

can generic medications be different

So much relies upon a wall, from shoring up the expanding forest to the flow of water into the fields. A wall is something that all understand as having a specific function, though some might have better ideas on where the flow of water or wood should go. What gives a wall it’s authority? The same can be said for pharmaceutical companies who develop and produce medications for the consuming masses. Whether the medication is a life-saving serum that abates cancer, or a fat-burning pill designed to reduce cholesterol, the basics of the business model are the same. Develop, patent and market a drug so that the profit remains in house. But after a time, the patent expires and the medication becomes part of the common stream of business. Anyone can now read the formula and make their own, now known as a generic drug. Can generic medications be different? In this article, we will explore that idea.

Can Generic Medications Be Different?

So, can generic medications be different? Only in the most cosmetic of senses. The original active ingredients must remain identical to the parent drug where the formula was derived. There is no improving a generic drug, other than little additions such as inert matter, solubility and color dyeing.

Problems with Generic Drugs

The problems with generic drugs is that they are never advanced as the primary source for medication. The doctors receive kick-backs from the drug companies to roll their eyes at generic competitors, hopefully making you uneasy and more likely to over pay by a great deal for the same exact medication.

Dangers of Generic Drugs

The dangers of generic drugs only become apparent of you buy them over the internet. If you buy from a pharmacist, you will be fine.

Can Different Generic Drugs Work Differently?

So, can generic medications be different? In the base formula, there will be not effectual change from the originally patented formula. There can’t be for the drug to be effective in its replacement of the original commercial drug. However, there can be slight adjustments in the coloring and non-effective ingredients, such as solubility solutions. Can different generic drugs work differently? If their original formula is the same, then they should work the same, with the same dosage amounts. Otherwise, you would have a whole new compound with a different effect and therefore not a generic copy of the original.

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