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Can I Be on My Parents Health Insurance and My Own

can I be on my parents health insurance and my own

Becoming an adult as soon as you can is the most critical stage of your development. Being attached to your mother’s apron strings for longer than is natural is a detrimental effect of never wanting to engage with the world and become your own personality away from your parents. Many animals never even rear their children, but in human terms by the age of fourteen or so a child does have the skill set to set out on a road to independence, ending at around 18 hears. Going beyond that lay’s dangerous groundwork for laziness, inability to communicate or function in an adult-run world. Can I be on my parents health insurance and my own? If you are asking this question, it might be too late for you, but let’s discuss it anyways.

an I Be on My Parents Health Insurance and My Own?

So, can I be on my parents health insurance and my own? No, you can’t. You can’t be a dependent and an individual at the same time. Get yourself a job, take some classes to better yourself and get on with your life. Being a leech on your parent’s assets is a drain not only on them, but a drain on your own individuality.

Can I Stay on My Parents Insurance After 26?

Can I stay on my parent’s insurance after 26? No, you can’t. And even the age range between 18 and 26 is questionable is you are not a graduate student. Get yourself some individuality and strike out on your own.

Stay on Parents Insurance Until 30

Can you stay on parent’s insurance until 30? No, you can’t. The longest for any legal dependency is age 26, and that is for graduate students.

Health Insurance 26 Grace Period

So, can I be on my parent’s health insurance and my own? If you already have your own coverage, you should never be looking backwards for a hand-out from those that sacrificed so much to make you a stronger you. There is a legal health insurance 26 grace period if you are going to grad school or something to that affect, but otherwise, you should never be looking at taking a handout at your age. Seriously. The best thing you can do for yourself and everyone involved is become independent. If you have no skills, then join the military.

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