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Can I Change My VA Doctor

can I change my VA doctor

There is always a lot of scuttlebutt about benefits, costs and lifestyles when one discusses the military, and one topic that seems to appear more than most is the benefits of being able to gain access to the VA service hospital system. It is not a foreign concept that honorably discharged military veterans have access to some of the best medical care in the world, but what about the finer details of the process? It runs similar to Medicare, but with the red tape and such surrounding the civilian equivalent, the rules of engagement for military care is a little different. For example, can I change my VA doctor if I want to? In this article, we will explore this question for the answers that you seek.

Can I Change My VA Doctor?

So, can I change my VA doctor? You most certainly can as a veteran, but anyone on active duty doesn’t have that luxury. The reason is that as a veteran, you are no longer considered property and machinery that must be maintained. As a veteran, you have a choice in who sees you and what treatments you will undergo.

VA Primary Care Provider

A VA primary care provider will first be assigned to you when you enter the system, but you can easily change this is you don’t wish to work with that particular doctor.

Am I Enrolled in VA Health Care?

Am I enrolled in VA health care? You might be, but understand that it is not automatic. In fact, you might find yourself having the benefits available but having never filled out the paperwork.

Can a Veteran Go to Any VA Hospital?

So, can I change my VA doctor? In many cases you can, as at this point in your life you are no longer an active member of the military, and therefore not a piece of property owned and maintained for maximum efficiency by the military service. You have choices in who and where you seek medical treatment from, and one of those choices is who you see as a doctor. Now, as many VA facilities tend to rely on military protocol, they may put up a stink as it causes them paperwork, but as a veteran, you do have a choice in who you see. Now, can a veteran go to any VA hospital? They sure can.

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