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Can I Get Health Insurance as a College Student

can I get health insurance as a college student

Can I get health insurance as a college student? This is a great question, and one that deserves a more detailed response than simply yes or no. There are so many factors that go into being a college student, that the choices you would have made only a few years ago in high school now have completely different outcomes. Now is the time where you are seriously preparing for your adult life, and choosing a health insurance policy, if you need it, is surely a big step in the right direction. To learn more about your choices, continue reading this article. If your question is a burning one, you will be glad you did.

Can I Get Health Insurance as a College Student?

So, can I get health insurance as a college student? The answer is definitely a yes. There are plenty of affordable programs out there designed for college students, who traditionally live on very small or zero income levels. In order to survive, health insurance is a must to cover all of the unexpected as well as the preventative health measures that must take place. You may think you are a mature adult, but trust us, you are still developing and having physicals every six to twelve months is still something you should do.

Average Cost of College Student Health Insurance

The average cost of college student health insurance is much less than that of working-age adults, simply because of the low risk factor of being a young student, the probability that no serious illnesses will appear, and the generosity of an insurance company that sympathizes with your low-income plight. This is because you will most likely graduate one day, and be able to afford a more normal rate for health care.

Can a College Student Qualify for Medicaid?

Can a college student qualify for Medicaid? As with all thing, there are ways of doing this, but for the vast majority of students, the answer is no. Simply, you haven’t put the time in to your retirement taxes to be able to draw upon them as of yet, and also, Medicaid isn’t designed to support healthy young individuals.

Health Insurance for Graduate Students

So, can I get health insurance as a college student? Yes, you can, but as with all things, take your time and do your research. As for health insurance for graduate students, that’s a wholly different article.

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