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Can My Child Have Private Insurance and Medicaid

can my child have private insurance and medicaid

Can my child have private insurance and Medicaid? The question is a tough one, answered in a few different ways. It relies on a few factors, including eligibility for Medicaid, the costs associated with additional coverage and the tax implications the dual coverage will present. With a little information, however, and some research into your particular situation, you can determine the legalities as well as the logical standpoint of having both Medicaid for your child’s policy in conjunction with our own separate policy, whether it be private or off the exchange.

Can My Child Have Private Insurance and Medicaid?

So, can my child have private insurance and Medicaid? This two-prong approach to coverage is based almost entirely upon paranoia, but yes, they can. To put it in logical terms, however, it is important to understand that Medicaid is a low-income substitute for private insurance, or even insurance off of the exchange. To pick up a policy to supplement the Medicaid coverage is basically doing double duty, with plenty of compounded coverage.

Can My Child Get Medicaid if I Have Insurance?

But can my child get Medicaid if I have insurance? Unless your policy has little benefits for your child or you are unable to add them, then yes, you child most certainly can get Medicaid if they are eligible. However, do your research first to ensure you need to do this in order to provide coverage for them. Remember that you will effectively be paying for two policies when you really only need one. Be a smart shopper.

Medicaid Coverage

Your child’s Medicaid coverage will be minimal and a dual policy to cover the gaps may well be more than enough to cover the things you originally had Medicaid for. Be a wise shopper and do your homework before signing any paperwork.

Medicaid Eligibility

So, all said and done, can my child have private insurance and Medicaid? The answer is yes but do yourself a favor and ask yourself why you are having two forms of overlapping coverage when you only need one. If Medicaid eligibility means that you have to sign up for it and pay for it, then you are mistaken. If you still have questions about the validity of your coverage in conjunction with the requirements of the ACA, please contact a private health insurance agent to allow them to show you a better way.

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