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Can My Wife Get VA Health Care

can my wife get VA health care

Can my wife get VA health care? So many factors come together when a family separates from the military that some of the finer details can get lost. This is especially true with health care, now that the ACA has mandated that all consumers carry some form of health insurance. The rules governing former military are confusing enough, but with the inclusion of dependent care it can be a down right nightmare to understand. In this article, we will review some of the benefits from a medical standpoint that affect military spouses and dependents while hopefully answering some of your question.

Can My Wife Get VA Health Care?

So, can my wife get VA health care? The answer to this lies in your form of separation as well as the steps you have taken to ensure a smooth transition to civilian life. Like all things related to a military separation, this question hangs on the status of your government form DD-214. If you were discharged honorably, then there are benefits that are available. However, with a other-than or dishonorable discharge, those benefits disappear.

VA Spouse Medical Benefits

VA spouse medical benefits derive from a heavily subsidized and low-cost VA health insurance policy offered to spouses of military members who were honorably discharged. This policy is much lower in cost than those on the exchange with far superior coverage benefits. The policy takes into account actual income levels, not those reported in previous years when taxes were filed.

VA Benefits for Dependents

VA benefits for dependents run the gamut of availability, but all rely on the proper paperwork being filed. Pay close attention to the out-processing seminars and training classes offered by your base to ensure you get the full benefits of an honorably discharged military family.

Disabled Veteran Spouse Benefits

So, can my wife get VA health care? The answer is yes with certain steps being taken. File for the appropriate insurance policy, register with your local VA hospital or clinic and ensure your premiums are kept up to date. If there is any question on how to do this, contact the VA benefits hotline and speak with a call center representative. This also includes the specialty coverage afforded to disabled veteran spouse benefits included in the out-processing briefing.

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