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Can Pharmacist Substitute Generic Drugs

can pharmacist substitute generic drugs

There are quite a few professional relationships in this world you may not think about, such as the public works employee and the trash collector. You may not be aware of the close working relationship between the architect and the general contractor or electrician. You may not even suspect that your tax collector speaks with your alderman nearly every day. There are plenty of behind the scenes issues that need handling by different types of professionals working in the same direction, much like the relationship between your family doctor and your drug store pharmacist. Between them, they have a mission to ensure you are healthy and stay safe during a course of treatment. Medications and other prescription needs are ordered by the doctor, sent to the pharmacist so that you can then pick them up. But, can pharmacist substitute generic drugs? Your doctor is going to prescribe the name-brand, but generics are so much cheaper. How much control does your chemist have in this scenario?

Can Pharmacist Substitute Generic Drugs?

So, can pharmacist substitute generic drugs? They certainly can, but you might need to ask them if they will. Sometimes they will simply fill the order in front of them without thinking of the cost being passed on to you as a consumer.

Drugs Substitution

Drugs substitution can occur with a legal pharmacist, but under no circumstances can you alter the prescription yourself.

Generic Substitution Definition

A generic substitution definition is one that lets a pharmacist replace the name-brand drug on a prescription for an identical generic drug, saving you money.

Generic Substitution Permissible

So, can pharmacist substitute generic drugs? They certainly can, and might even suggest the option to you when you arrive to pick up your meds. However, it isn’t a guarantee that they will ask, so if you want to save an average of 90% off of the brand name cost by going with the very same identical medication just not with the brand name attached, ask your pharmacist what they can recommended they can do to replace the brand name with a generic. Generic substitution permissible drugs are the norm these days, but it isn’t automatic that your prescription will be filled by the cheapest method available. It is always best to ask before agreeing to the order fulfillment.

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