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Can the VA Be a Secondary Insurance

can the VA be a secondary insurance

The ACA has really done a number on the playing field of personal health insurance, and in the process upset more than a few carts that were running quite smoothly considering the predatory nature of insurance and health care in general. Where once free choice was used by consumers to determine what insurance they would use, not the government is leaning on the working poor to help the wealthy drain what resources and wealth they can to further reduce the spending power and consumer say of these poor. Can the VA be a secondary insurance? If you are a veteran, this is a significant question. If you aren’t, then your only curiosity concerning the issue is how you can profit from the information. This article is for veterans, so let’s just continue along with that train of thought.

Can the VA Be a Secondary Insurance?

So, can the VA be a secondary insurance? The VA itself cannot, because it is not an insurance policy. However, if you have a policy that is managed by the VA, such as Tricare, then yes, it can be a secondary insurance policy for your needs. Of you have questions about your policy, refer to you VA representative for more information.

VA Health Insurance Cost

In reference to Tricare, VA health insurance cost is practically minimal, as the idea is not to steal all of the wealth that a vet has in the guise of healing them.

VA Health Insurance for Family

VA health insurance for family can be offered to direct dependents in certain situations. Again, if you have questions, speak with your VA representative.

Veterans Health Insurance

So, can the VA be a secondary insurance? To start with, the misinformation and presumptions here are astronomical. No, the VA is not health insurance. It is an administrative body set up to provide and manage benefits for military veterans. However, the. VA does facilitate insurance for those who qualify and need it, and if this is the case, yes, this insurance is considered a secondary insurance if you already have Medicare or something similar. Veterans health insurance is usually a gap program, making up the difference from what their standard insurance won’t cover in the form of automatic coverage. The VA policies such as Tricare work to correct this issue with extremely low cost coverage.

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