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Can You Be Denied a Medicare Supplement Plan

can you be denied a medicare supplement plan

Can you be denied a Medicare supplement plan? This is an incredibly insightful question, and that one more consumer-type would be surprised to find out isn’t as complicated as it seems. Ideally, most would only require the services provides by a basic part a policy, with basic medical included for checkups and what have you. Unfortunately, with the way the benefits constantly are reduced under the guide of usage, it is becoming more and more popular to sign up for a supplemental plan like B or D to ensure adequate coverage in case of accident or illness. Supplemental policies are a construct of the insurance industry and aren’t necessarily a government funded program, or even subsidized for that matter. They are built to provide perceived gap coverage for Medicare and Medicaid.

Can You Be Denied a Medicare Supplement Plan?

So, can you be denied a Medicare supplement plan? This answer is both a yes and a no. If you were looking at picking up a supplemental plan authorized by the government and was able to be subsidized, then no, if you were eligible for Medicare in the first place you could not be denied. If, however, you were to purchase a supposedly true supplemental plan from a private insurance company, then yes, you could be conceivable denied. It is the nature of the industry to misdirect you and create a problem that doesn’t need fixing, but it real enough to scare you into giving up your hard-earned retirement funds.

Can Medicare Drop You?

Can Medicare drop you? It cannot if you are eligible for the plan and didn’t do anything wonky in your application that might be seen as fraudulent. If everything is on the up and up, then no, you cannot be dropped.

Switching Medicare Supplement Plans

If an adjustment is in order due to shifting medical conditions, switching Medicare supplement plans is fairly easy. Simply call your Medicare office and schedule and appointment, either over the phone or in person.

Can You Be Denied Medicare Coverage?

So, can you be denied Medicare coverage? Can you be denied Medicare supplement plan? You cannot be denied a Medicare plan if you are eligible to receive one, as in, you worked all your life and paid into the system. If you apply for supplemental plan through the Medicare office, then you can’t be denied that supplement plan. If, however, you were to go to a private insurance company who offered private supplemental plans for Medicare, then yes, you might be denied based on age or existing conditions.

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