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Do All Veterans Get Free Health Care

do all veterans get free health care

There are plenty of misconceptions among civilians who don’t know the ins and outs of the VA health system. They look at only the bottom line, and expect that service is reward enough for those who put their own lives on the line to protect the freedoms of all citizens. It is a sad state of affairs when the young go off to fight a war that means lower gas costs for those who have no interest or gumption to do something about it themselves. In fact, many veterans themselves don’t know what their benefits are, or what all the terminology means when they get home. Do all veterans get free health care? We will cover that topic in this article, and if you wish to learn more, please feel free to continue reading.

Do All Veterans Get Free Health Care?

So, do all veterans get free health care? No, the short and simple answer is that only those who qualify for free coverage receive it. Those that don’t still get extremely discounted services based on their income.

VA Financial Calculator

If you have questions about how your income translates into VA medical care costs, use a free online VA financial calculator to figure out your costs.

Veterans Benefits Eligibility

A veterans benefits eligibility questionnaire is filled out on your first visit to the VA hospital. There you will need to demonstrate a need for free care, as well as a level of income that qualifies you for further discounts.

How to Get Veterans Benefits

So, do all veterans get free health care? No, not all have the disability threshold to get completely free care. Generally speaking, a veteran would need a recorded 30% disability in order to qualify for free care, with most being in the 10-30% range. This means some form of insurance is preferable, either in the form of Tricare or Medicare, or some other health insurance coverage. The costs are ridiculously low, however, so a bargain bin insurance policy would do wonders for your budget in this scenario. How to get veterans benefits depends on your access to a computer and your access to a DD-214. If you have these then you can easily apply for coverage and the activation of your veteran benefits.

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