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Do All Veterans Receive Free Healthcare

do all veterans receive free healthcare

Do all veterans receive free healthcare? With the country embroiled in the longest armed conflict it has ever seen and more and more young people joining the military, this is a valid question when debating joining the service. The GI Bill covers education once the military member decides to get a higher degree and the VA system is promoted as the solution for health care upon separation. However, the promise of health care is not guaranteed for all, and this article will go into the details of how those post-service benefits work. To learn more about how the VA system operates and who is eligible for what benefits, please continue reading.

Do All Veterans Receive Free Healthcare?

So, do all veterans receive free healthcare? The short answer is no, but those who don’t are a small but understand element of former military who aren’t eligible. When separating, each veteran receives the most important piece of paper in their life, their government form DD-214. This is the major element when determining benefits. If the veteran discharged honorably as notated on the form, then all promised benefits are available to them. If they discharged with an ‘other-than’ honorable or dishonorable notation, then benefits are closed off and no amount of arguing will change that fact.

Is VA Health Care Free?

Is VA health care free? For former military members who were discharged honorably, VA health care is certainly free. The system supports and assists veterans with everything from annual physicals to oncology treatment, with many vets finding solace in knowing their best interests are taken care of by a country that stands beside them for their service. This service is free only for the veteran, however. Family members must apply for a needs-based insurance policy based on income.

VA Financial Calculator

The VA financial calculator is the tool to use to determine family member coverage. This chart allows for a balance of income with the shown need for health care. To learn more, contact the VA nearest to you and speak with a VA insurance specialist.

How to Get Veterans Benefits

So, do all veterans receive free healthcare? The answer is no, but with a caveat. Depending on the status of separation as indicated on the veteran’s dd-214 government form, health care may or may not be available. For those who have an honorable discharge, health care is free for life through the VA health care system. For those who were discharged as other-than honorable or dishonorable, those health care benefits are out of reach. How to get VA benefits is as simple as calling up the VA nearest you and having them send you an application package.

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