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Do Different Pharmacies Carry Different Generics

do different pharmacies carry different generics

Marketing is at the core of every single item that is for sale in this country. From diapers to prescription medications, you can rest assured that the product you are being sold is marketed in such a way as to make you want to buy it, no matter the cost and what other alternatives you have available. Now, there are always plenty of similar products that cost a great deal less money, but most of those are cheaper for a reason. They are made that way, so quality should also be a factor in your decision process. This can be said for prescription drugs as well, but if you are buying them from a pharmacist, then quality is already assured. Generics can be a life saver for those living on a fixed income budget, and there is no difference between them and the brand name they are a generic of. Do different pharmacies carry different generics? We will look at this question in the following article.

Do Different Pharmacies Carry Different Generics?

So, do different pharmacies carry different generics? They certainly do, as a pharmacy is a business and they will do what is in the best interest of their bottom line. That means carrying what sells and losing what doesn’t.

Good Rx

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Brand Name Description

If you want to get a generic that costs you much less, then you will want to start with the brand name description. This will let you know the actual formulation name so you can make choices based off of that.

Can I Ask Pharmacist for Generic?

So, do different pharmacies carry different generics? As pharmacies are retail operations that make profits off of their inventory, it is quite reasonable to expect that these inventories have a unique formulation on what sells and make a profit. That means that a cost analysis of medications for stock is up to the pharmacist business office, with high profit generics being more sought after, while less profitable ones are discarded. Seeing as how this can be a geographic feature of doing business, they can be different. Can I ask a pharmacist for generic? You certainly can, and chances are they will ask you first.

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