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Do I Have to Pay Back Tax Credit for Health Insurance

do I have to pay back tax credit for health insurance

Do I have to pay back tax credit for health insurance? Millions of consumers have asked this question over the years, and to date, the answers have remained elusive as a swan in a snow storm. Through changes as recent as the new tax bill snuck through congress last year, to the changes made to the socialized system under the ACA during the Obama years and even as far back as the Eisenhower administration, change has always come. The answer varies not only from year to year, but also from policy to policy. In this article we will look at the state of tax credits and help you determine if you need to pay those back attached to your health insurance policies.

Do I Have to Pay Back Tax Credit for Health Insurance?

So, do I have to pay back tax credit for health insurance? If you have credits in connection with a subsidized government policy, then no. If you received tax credits for your private health insurance policy, then chances are good you will have to pay those back.

Premium Tax Credit Repayment Exceptions

There are special premium tax credit repayment exceptions that will have to be accounted for, but this is done by your accountant. They will be up to speed on the latest changes to the tax code.

Subsidy Repayment Cap

If you have doubts about your tax credit filing for the upcoming IRS season, refer your accountant to review the subsidy repayment cap limits in relation to your particular insurance plan.

Premium Tax Credit Calculator

So, do I have to pay back tax credits for health insurance? This answer is based on what type of health insurance policy you might be talking about. If you received tax credits in connection with your Medicare or Medicaid policies, then at this time you do not have to pay those credits back. The subsidy is in effect for only one year, and income needs to be reported each time you apply. Therefore, any credit that would have been overturned by an increase in income levels will remain. You can use a premium tax credit calculator then to determine your eligibility for the upcoming year based on your new income levels. Or, if you have questions you need answered now, consult with your tax accountant. They will have the latest updates on the tax code and how it effects your health insurance credits.

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