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Do I Need Medicare Part D if I Have Tricare for Life

do I need medicare part D if I have tricare for life

Many questions are asked about the transition from military life to civilian life. There are issues revolving around everyday behavior, job placement and educational benefits. From the GI Bill to out processing debriefing, the change can be one filled with stress and trepidation. In fact, many ask during the process why they are doing it in the first place. The military provides a good life, with a steady paycheck and benefits galore. However, the change is seen by many as necessary to begin a life on the outside and join a society they once protected. Do I need Medicare part d if I have Tricare for Life? In this article, we will review those basics. If you wish to learn more, just stick with us.

Do I Need Medicare Part D if I Have Tricare for Life?

So, do I need Medicare part d if I have Tricare for Life? As the Tricare program is extremely beneficial and cost saving, the need for picking up additional coverage from part d is negligible. It won’t harm you, other than add a financial burden to your monthly budget.

Tricare for Life and Medicare

The difference between Tricare for Life and Medicare is that the Tricare program is inexpensive, and a comprehensive coverage plan available for military veterans and their dependents. The Medicare plans are expensive, poor in quality and simply not worth the deductions made from your paycheck over all those years.

Tricare Coverage

Tricare coverage is comprehensive, meaning your one policy covers all medical needs you might have use for it for.

Tricare Plans

So, do I need Medicare part d if I have Tricare for life? Though it wouldn’t hurt to have a little extra in your back pocket in case you weren’t anywhere near a VA facility when a medical emergency struck, the need really isn’t that critical. Tricare plans are years above Medicare plans in terms of benefits and acceptance, with much lower premiums and co pays to boot. This system is designed to provide you with comprehensive and quality coverage for whatever ails you, while plan d is a slippery slope to go down for a little extra coverage. A little, that is, with a bug price tag. So, simply, the need isn’t there, but if you have the extra coverage you won’t be messing with your existing benefits from the VA.

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