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Do I Need Medicare Part D if I Have VA Benefits

do I need medicare part D if I have VA benefits

After separating with an honorable discharge from the military, all veterans receive benefits in portion for their service. There are loan structures that have better interest rates than civilians have access to, access to base commissary stores with better quality and less expensive goods, and of course, access to free health care through the VA and related insurance policies that allow them to be seen at a hospital off base. But the information is often mislaid and forgotten, meaning that many veterans neglect to use their benefits. Do I need Medicare part D if I have VA benefits>? The great answer is no, you do not, and in this article, we will explain the ins and outs of the system.

Do I Need Medicare Part D if I Have VA Benefits?

So, do I need Medicare part d if I have VA benefits? No, you do not, as the Tricare system has a much better prescription plan than the Medicare one, seeing as how it is free for veterans. Medicare is a money sink hole you will never see any benefit from for yourself.

VA and Medicare Part D

The VA and Medicare part d are in disagreement on how best to provide for those who served. Medicare wants more members to shore up its failing pyramid scheme, while the VA is out looking for the best interest of their charges.

VA Drug Coverage

VA drug coverage is comprehensive. This means you will see the same level of service and the same cost, nothing, no matter where you go to fill your prescription as long as you bring your Tricare card.

Do Disabled Veterans Need Medicare?

So, do I need Medicare part d if I have VA benefits? The great5 news is that you don’t need it, and it would only be an anchor weight around your neck as you tried to pay the monthly premiums. With your honorable discharge from the military, you have the best health insurance money can buy, not once over, but twice over. The first is in the form of the VA health care system itself, and the second us through Tricare, the free health insurance that lets you be seen in non-military hospitals. Do disabled veterans need Medicare? No they don’t, as their 100% disabled status allows for free health care for life, no matter the cause or reason.

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