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Do Military Doctors Go to War

do military doctors go to war

A great deal of confusion in the civilian world revolves around the medical corps and officers in general. For enlisted military personnel, they discover quite early how useless those in officer uniforms are, at least those who truly aren’t military but simply trying to serve to make a couple bucks disappear from their medical schooling student loans. As such, active duty doctors don’t last long, and the services use and abuse them while they have them. Military doctors are sort of the bottom of the barrel. Many join, thinking they will have an easy time of things until they get back to the civilian world so they can make some real money. But that isn’t the case. The US has been perpetually at war since its inception, so asking do military doctors go to war? You bet your blue ribbon they do. That is what they are hired for, to treat real men and women on the front lines.

Do Military Doctors Go to War?

So, do military doctors go to war? Of course, they do, that’s what they are there for. Since being founded, and even before then, the US has been in constant military conflict. When real soldiers need fixing on the battle front, it is the military doctor who does the work.

Army Doctor Training

Army doctor training revolves around learning the details of combat medicine, and it is nothing like ER medicine. Military front line hospitals are in the war zone, and have been targets of opportunity for the enemy.

Life as a Military Doctor

Life as a military doctor comes in two forms. One, a cushy position in a hospital in Germany pulling splinters out of brass fingers. The second is being on the front-line digging shrapnel and bullets out of real soldiers bodies.

Military Doctor Rank

Unfortunately, military doctor rank need to be commiserated with the orders they give. Many starts at O-2, then balance out at Major or the equivalent. Do military doctors go to war? They do, and if lost, are easily replaced. The military machine that this country has become has a way of drawing in fresh talent with promises of student debt relief and instant respect, but that is never the case. Once the military doctor leaves service for a lucrative civilian career, all bets are off. It is simply the way the world works. The officer corps, especially the medical ones, aren’t worth much and can be easily replaced.

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