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Do You Automatically Get Medicare With Disability

do you automatically get medicare with disability

From retired military personnel to the homeless on the corner, there are a thousand and one ways to receive public assistance to help with getting your health back to a place where you are complete, or at least as complete as you will ever become depending on the treatment you receive. For some people, Medicare is a significant end game result of their many years of productive working, though for others, there is no awareness of the benefits they could have because they have been on permanent disability. Those who never were able to work due to mental or physical disabilities would not fit into the standard roll of working for life, receiving aid in the golden years. They are quite limited to their abilities to key into Medicare. Do you automatically get Medicare with disability? We will review this question in solid detail in the following article. If you wish to learn more, please feel free to continue reading along.

Do You Automatically Get Medicare With Disability?

So, do you automatically get Medicare with disability? No, this isn’t how the system works. There is nothing automatic about any aspect the federal or state governments. Forms have to be filed, petitions have to be signed, exams have to occur and applications have to be approved. It is a complicated process, and one that will eventually result in a recommendation to the Medicaid system.

Medicaid Disability

With a Medicaid disability approval, health care is then applied to the applicant. It may not be anywhere considered good, but it is there, and it is usable.

Medicare Waiting Period Waived

The Medicare waiting period waived is a very rare occurrence. Even for those with severe disabilities, it can be a needle in a haystack to accomplish.

Medicare Disability Requirements

So, do you automatically get Medicare with disability? The Medicare disability requirements are quite stringent, and for the most part, a person presenting legitimate issues would be referred to Medicaid for assistance. This country still makes an attempt to subsidize their consumer’s health care, because even though the profit margin isn’t as significant as covering a healthy person, there is still money to be made on those who are unable to take care of themselves. The state can then step in and maintain a system where the medical coverage is adequate, the consumer has some protection, and the insurance company, which at the end of the day is the most important element of this equation, is making money.

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