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Do You Have to Pay a Copay Every Visit

do you have to pay a copay every visit

The fees associated with your insurance policy can be confusing, and though asking direct questions to your customer service representative will garner solid answers, they rely on you skipping some of the basics to gain a greater profit from you that goes straight into their cash reserves. One such confusing element of your payment structure is copays. So, so do you have to pay a copay every visit? Knowing this answer could save you some serious money if you are so inclined to learn. This article will go into the frequency of copay payments and whether you are required to pay them with every visit.

Do You Have to Pay a Copay Every Visit?

So, do you have to pay a copay every visit? The quick answer is no, but this is based on several factors including your insurance policy details and what doctor you are seeing. Generally speaking if you are coming back to a doctor as a follow up to the first visit, you won’t be required to pay again. It would be considered the same visit even if a few days separates the two. For example, you might have blood work drawn on your first visit and need to return for the results. Or, the line for inoculations might be too long and you would need to come back another day to complete that.

Insurance Copay Laws

Insurance copay laws are fairly slanted in favor of the hospital, clinic and insurance company though they usually won’t find ways to stick it to you there, relatively because of the outrageous prices they will charge you for band aids and aspirins.

Patient Responsibility Copay

Patient responsibility copay schedules are in place to ensure you lay down a financial track record in case you default on your insurance payments or billing direct from the doctor. Make sure you understand how your fees will be represented before signing up for a new policy.

Can I Pay My Copay Later?

So, do you have to pay a copay every visit to see a doctor? Not always, depending on the insurance policy details you negotiated and for the exact reason for your visit. Can I pay my copay later? This is possible, but strictly up to the clinic or hospital where you are being seen. Generally, you won’t be charged a copay if you visit is a follow up for lab results or blood work, but again, it is different from one policy and doctor to the next.

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