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Do You Pay for Medicare After 65

do you pay for medicare after 65

Do you pay for Medicare after 65? This is an interesting question and not one with a simple answer. As we work throughout our lives putting away money for retirement, we were also putting money into the social security system in order to receive benefits after we stop working. One of these benefits was the Medicare system, where we would =have a pre-paid health insurance policy to cover issues as we grow older yet have little income coming in to pay the premiums. This meant that basic Medicare was a free service, or rather, something that we paid into beforehand, so we wouldn’t have to afterwards. What we didn’t know, however, was how lousy that basic medical insurance policy would be and that we would need to sign up for supplemental insurance, which the government developed in conjunction with private insurance companies.

Do You Pay for Medicare After 65?

So, do you pay Medicare after 65? If all you require is plan a, which is unlikely, then no, you won’t being paying for it again. However, if you need supplemental plans, and chances are you will be, you will be paying for monthly premiums and the associated deductibles and co-pays.

Medicare Part B Enrollment

Medicare part B enrollment happens during the open enrollment period towards the end of the yea. If additional coverage is needed, this is when you will sign up for it.

What Does Medicare Part B Cover?

So then, what does Medicare part b cover? For specifics, you will want to review the information on the official government website for Medicare, but in general it covers gap issues such as prescriptions and extended hospital stays.

Cost of Medicare Part D

So, do you pay for Medicare after 65? If you paid into the system while you were working, then you will not be paying for the basic coverage under Medicare plan a. However, if you are like everyone else, you will realize that plan a doesn’t cover everything you need, so you will be searching the open market for supplemental plans designed to work with plan a. For these, you will be paying premiums and deductibles, just like normal full-service policies. The cost of Medicare part D alone is enough to set back your retirement budget, so if it makes more sense to get a comprehensive coverage policy outside of the Medicare system for less money, then feel free to get it.

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