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Does Medicare Cover Therapy Sessions

does medicare cover therapy sessions

Does Medicare cover therapy sessions? With so many medical procedures requiring physical therapy after surgery, as well as the popularity of mental health therapy being used in conjunction with patient recovery, it is becoming a significant cost to wellness and health after a traumatic incident. For some, the therapy will last for years, meaning the long-term cost will outweigh the short-term treatment options at the time of the accident or illness. In instance like this, it is a good thing to know budget-wise whether or not your Medicare will cover the costs as part of the insurance benefits package. In this article, we will review the various options you have to investigate cover possibilities and hopefully be able to educate you during your policy sign up to cover the event of needed therapy.

Does Medicare Cover Therapy Sessions?

So, does Medicare cover therapy sessions? If you had the foresight to insist that therapy is added to your basic coverage under plan a, then you will be able to access it. If you purchased a supplemental plan that includes therapy, again, you would be covered. If, however, you were bullied by your agent into not getting it, then no, you won’t have therapy, either physical or mental.

Therapist That Accept Medicare

Therapists that accept Medicare understand all too well how difficult it is to get the system to pony up payments. It is your right as a recipient consumer that your bills are covered, just make sure you understand how to do this.

Medicare Mental Health Billing

Medicare mental health billing is an overly complicated algorithm that few truly understand but know that when your claim is at first denied, they are hoping you just go away. Your rights are that therapy is a benefit of your policy, so make sure you know how to activate it.

Does Medicare Cover Family Counseling?

So, does Medicare cover therapy costs? It can, though it takes a little light footwork on your part to make it happen. Medicare is still a for-profit insurance policy and paying out for just anything isn’t in their plan. You need to go head-to-head with your Medicare representative when signing up or adjusting your policy to have it put in there that you require therapy allowances, plain and simple. Does Medicare cover family counseling? Again, if you had the foresight to insist on a clause being in your policy to cover it, then you will be all set. The issue here is that you need to stand up for yourself and demand the benefits that were promised all those years ago when you decided to buy into the Medicare system with your first paycheck deductions. Think of all of that money that you shaved off, only to be fed scraps in your golden years.

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