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Does Medicare Cover Tonsillectomy

does medicare cover tonsillectomy

The debate over medical rarely takes a turn where folks are actually discussing the care they are so virulently seeking. From the east coast to the west, from the mountains along the Canadian border to the wall that supposedly is definitely going to not be built, the debate rages over who gets what and who has the best plan, each trying to one up the other at the expense of the consumer base that makes up their very own voting rolls. It is a disgrace, but one that we have a complicit hand in creating. We decided to give up our intellect and choice to make things easy, electing the ones with the most money to buy political ads. It is our own fault, and now we want to know. Does Medicare cover tonsillectomy? This and other questions regarding the more complicated side of insurance will be discussed in the following article. If you want to learn more, then we suggest reading onward.

Does Medicare Cover Tonsillectomy?

So, does Medicare cover tonsillectomy? It will, as long as you have the appropriate supplemental plan from the alphabet soup of supplements provided for your purchase from Medicare. This means that your free coverage has long since been devastated along with the pride of being a citizen in a country that has become corrupt and cash-greedy.

Medicare Surgery Coverage

Medicare surgery coverage is slim at best, with only the extensive paperwork being covered in plan a. If you actually want to have a surgery funded by insurance, you will be required to get a policy out of pocket as long as you have no pre-existing conditions.

What Does Medicare Not Cover?

Then what does Medicare not cover? One of the easiest questions to answer as far as Medicare is concerned. IT covers nothing.

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

So, does Medicare cover tonsillectomy? It does, as part of the benefits attached in the surgical supplemental plans. This is because we gave away our rights as consumers to have anything decent be covered under the basic Medicare part a plan, so we are forced to buy private supplemental, also known as the alphabet supplements, in order to have anything done, whether it is a surgical procedure or a simple annual physical. What does Medicare part a cover? The answer is simple as can be. It doesn’t cover anything, but instead acts as an administration file card on which to attach other plans.

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