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Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cover Prescriptions

does medicare supplement plan F cover prescriptions

Does Medicare supplement plan f cover prescriptions? This is a great question in light of the general confusion on the benefits of the various Medicare supplemental plans. Seeing as how Medicare plan a offers so little in the form of actual health insurance coverage, the government contracted private insurance companies to establish a series of for-profit, deductible and premium dependent policies in order to make the plan work. It has become accepted that the insurance policies that consumers paid into for thirty or forty years is inadequate and must be supported by buying private insurance. There should be a change in the way the system is run, but with the amount of money that insurance companies out into lobbyists in the capitol, one would be shocked to learn something would be done.

Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Cover Prescriptions?

So, does Medicare supplement plan f cover prescriptions? It surely does not, making it less usable than one might expect. Plan F has a high deductible and concerns itself with long term care and transportation costs associated with a hospitalization.

What Does Plan F Cover?

So, what does plan f cover then? As mentioned above, plan f covers long term care and transportation costs associated with hospitalization.

Medicare Plan F Going Away

Is Medicare plan f going away? Not any time soon as it is a profit driver for many powerful insurance companies that lobby in the capitol. There have been rumors, but in the end, they end up just being fanciful dreaming.

Medicare Plan D

So, does Medicare supplement plan f cover prescriptions? No, it does not. In fact, with such a massively high deductible that must be met first, plan f really covers nothing other than the profit sheets of private insurance companies. For years it has been an issue, but with the money poured into the capitol by corrupt insurance companies to keep their cash cows afloat, it will continue to be there. It is a fact of life, and if coverage is something you honestly need, your best bet is to save money and buy a comprehensive policy from your neighborhood insurance agent. You will be shocked at how much money you will save with one singular and solid policy instead of paying all of the co pays, premiums and deductibles you are leeched for in the Medicare supplemental loop hole. By the way, it is Medicare plan D that offers prescription coverage, but again, at a massive hike in rates to you.

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