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Does Obamacare Affect Medicaid

does obamacare affect medicaid

There are few things as certain as death and taxes in this modern age. For those experiencing the nausea of living in a modernistic society where every action result in a reduction of wealth, the proper treatment is a complete removal from the things of man. Modern homesteaders find themselves removing their well being and wealth away from the necessary evils of a society bent on pillaging the working poor of their comfort, only to anonymously add the wealth to their own ever-growing and never used coffers. The one with the most wins, as was the ideology of the 1980s. Now, we look inward at a failing government system and a planet that is preparing to scrape off the infestation of humanity scampering across its cover. Who shall surpass us we do not know, but when it comes down to it, our life on this spinning rock in space is coming to a close? Does Obamacare affect Medicaid? When it comes down to it, is it really that important of a question to have answered?

Does Obamacare Affect Medicaid?

So, does Obamacare affect Medicaid? It does, in that it expands the availability of the program to an ever-increasing amount of the working poor. But humanity as we know it is soon to be a faded nothing in the dust of this planet, while others will rise to become the next ecological disaster to be burned off once more.

Medicaid VS Medicare

In the Medicaid VS Medicare debate, the side you are on depends on your personal wealth load. If you have something, you are on the Medicare side. If you have nothing, Medicaid.

Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid eligibility is based not on how much money you have, but rather how little you don’t have. You must be absolutely destitute to qualify for the social assistance program.

ACA Medicaid Expansion

So, does Obamacare affect Medicaid? It does in that it brought an expansion to the failing health care management system in order to breath a few more crumbs of financing so as to keep it all running for a little bit more. But, with solar flares, avid pollution and extreme temperature fluctuations making life unbearable for millions of species on the brink of destruction, it is a small notation in a human history that will soon over-tip the balance of nature and let us plummet off into obscurity. An ACA Medicaid expansion was designed to do just that.

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