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Does Short Term Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

does short term insurance cover pre existing conditions

With injury and illness comes the inevitable visit to the doctor’s office. Of course, your other option is to train yourself in herbal remedies, but who has time for that? The point of it all is, a visit to a physician will become a reality sooner or later, and the insurance companies want to make sure you are ready for when that happens. For many, the option of insurance is a given, with stable work and reliable health care being paid for each month. However, for many, it also means a dearth in the way coverage runs. Whether between jobs of under-employed, insurance simply isn’t there when they need it. For these folks, they can still find coverage in a short-term policy of they play their cards right. Does short term insurance cover pre-existing conditions? In this article, we will explore this question and provide you with the answers you need.

Does Short Term Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

So, does short term insurance cover pre-existing conditions? It sure does, and in fact, your insurance company will bend over backward to sign you up. The reason for this is that a short-term policy is expensive to begin with, and adding pre-existing condition coverage makes it a cash cow. Plus, under the policy, the insurance company is gambling that you won’t need to make a claim during the period.

Short Term Plans

Short term plans are a gamblers nightmare. The chances of you needing to use it are slim until you pick up another primary policy, and the money is completely lost once you mail off your premium check.

Term Health Insurance Plans

Term health insurance plans can be purchased form any of the major insurance companies. For a complete list, simply perform an search engine inquiry for more information.

Connect Plus Health Insurance

So, does short term insurance cover pre-existing conditions? In any insurance policy, let’s say the Connect Plus health insurance plan, there is always room for such instances. The fact is, most consumers have pre-existing conditions to begin with. Though nothing may ever come of it, you can expect your insurance company to fall over themselves offering you a policy. Of course, you are going to pay through the nose for the convenience, and most likely will never use it, but it will be there. The reason is that the insurance company sees an easy way to rake in more cash for their investors.

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