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Does Short Term Medical Insurance Count as Creditable Coverage

does short term medical insurance count as creditable coverage

It used to be that simply having coverage and paying attention to your monthly budget was all you needed to live a solid life. You take care of your family, pay the bills, maybe go to the zoo once in a while and life was good. Simple and good. Now, the government wants to control every aspect of your daily life, from what you watch on TV to what you put on your table to feed yourself. The control is autocratic, oligarchical and completely not about who we are. What we are becoming is a fodder station for the ultra-wealthy who wish to manipulate our inputs and draw more and more money out of our bank accounts through manipulative advertising and marketing strategies. This goes even as far as our health insurance. Does short term medical insurance count as creditable coverage? We will explore how this factor controls your life in the following article.

Does Short Term Medical Insurance Count as Creditable Coverage?

So, does short term medical insurance coverage count as creditable coverage? Under the ACA it does, though you might have problems rectifying that with your temporary employer. The rules seem to change with the wind direction, so get something in writing so you are protected.

Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance can be a boon if you have conditions that definitely require coverage. Long term health issues, upcoming travel or being accident-prone are all good reasons for having a short policy.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The health insurance marketplace is the place to go is you have any further questions. There you will find expert, if not slanted, information on what constitutes a good health insurance policy under different circumstances.

Qualifying Health Coverage

So, does short term medical insurance count as creditable coverage? The answer is yes, as long as you bought it from an approved carrier through the ACA website, the government’s controlling portal to invading your life. The very fact that the short-term health care is a profit-generating machine should be an indicator to you that it is acceptable, though without much upfront honesty, who can say for sure. Qualifying health coverage is always available to those who have the money to buy it, and if you can afford the short term health insurance rates, then you are in the clear.

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