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Does Socialized Health Care Work

does socialized health care work

The political season is coming faster than we can imagine, and one of the hot topics being discussed is socialized medicine. But, does socialized health care work? It is a concept that the founding fathers worked toward until the idea of profits rose in their heads, but the rest of the world works with the concept that the program is a right for every citizen of a nation. The collective good will of the nation benefits from access to health care, and against the detractors making a buck off the system, it makes the most sense. It is not free, but rather paid for through taxes. This is one reason the ignorant don’t want it, as well as the ultra-rich who would lose money on the program. Not that they would be paying for it, but rather, they would lose an income stream from insurance investments.

Does Socialized Health Care Work?

So, does socialized health care work? Not only does it work, but it works incredibly well. The issue is that there is little profit in the program, and the wealthy have learned how to manipulate the poor into blindly following along.

Universal Health Care Pros and Cons

The universal health care pros and cons are these. Pros. It is far cheaper to maintain a socialized health care system than a for profit one. Cons. The ultra-rich lose a grasp on keeping the poor down.

Universal Health Care Benefits

Universal health care benefits are the same as with standard insurance, with checkups, physicals, medications, prescriptions, surgeries and therapy all rolled into one.

Universal Health Care Debate

So, does socialized health care work? It most certainly does, and costs only a fraction to run as he large profit-driven programs currently available to the people. Programs like Obamacare and the ACA medigap programs. The universal health care debate rages onward, with the lazy and ignorant mimicking the wishes of the wealthy as if it will do them any good. The populace is so brainwashed they would rather spend thousands of dollars a year rather than take five minutes to do a little research into how it will improve their lives immensely. It is sad, and the fact that every other country on the planet has socialized medicine seems to make no difference in the argument that it won’t work here.

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