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Does the VA Cover Prescriptions

does the VA cover prescriptions

Given that only a small fraction of the population ever considers military service as a possibility, it is no wonder that the benefits for those who have left the service under honorable conditions are afforded such stellar service. Those who serve will be forever in our debt, both for actions that protect us and our freedoms, as well as the asinine orders they receive from the government to prop up shill foreign powers. It is not the service member who is to blame, but rather commended for putting up with such malarkey. To this end, upon retirement and honorable separation, those who served have earned every benefit and more that we can bestow upon them. One of them is stellar health care. Does the VA cover prescriptions? In this article, we will provide you with the proper answer. Stay tuned.

Does the VA Cover Prescriptions?

So, does the VA cover prescriptions? They certainly do, and by providing this service within the VA system of health care facilities, it is completely free. However, if you are using Tricare for health care off and out of a VA controlled facility, you will have to pay something out of pocket.

VA Prescription Drug Costs

The VA prescription drug costs are covered by the VAS funds themselves, as it is part of the retirement and honorable separation benefits afforded all former service members who left under good terms.

VA and Medicare Part D

The VA and Medicare part D don’t see eye to eye, so you can simply skip all of the supplemental policies attached to Medicare if you want quality and affordable health care as a veteran.

VA Prescription Copay

So, does the VA cover prescriptions? The answer is a whole-heartedly affirmative yes. Those who seek treatment in a VA hospital and are eligible for that service receive all of their prescriptions for free. However, for those who use Tricare because a military VA facility is too far away, they will have to pay a small copay in order to get a prescription filled. Unfortunately, many civilians like to give lip service to the honor of veterans, but still see them as cattle to be exploited rather than revered. It is a fact of life that the VA prescription copay is a needed thing, but at least rest assured it isn’t much. For those who served, we thank you, and hope that the rest of the country wakes up and recognizes the bravery you put forth to keep us free.

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