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Does the VA Have Co-pays

does the VA have co-pays

For those veterans who chose to key into their benefits and utilize the VA health care system, it is a boon for their budgets and their health. The cost of civilian health care is so outrageous that it doesn’t make sense not to use the VA for your medical needs, unless of course a veteran was given an other-than honorable or dishonorable discharge. Those vets can suffice for themselves as the honorable service men and women have no use for them. By using the VA health care system, so vets may still need to have a minimal health insurance policy to help with expenses, which raises a few questions. What is the best veteran’s insurance policy on the market, where do I get it and does the VA have co-pays? In this article, we will explore that question and hopefully provide you with an answer you can use.

Does the VA Have Co-pays?

So, does the VA have co-pays? It does, but the amounts are extremely inconsequential in relation to civilian co-pays. The point is to pay for what is needed, not drain your wealth as is the case with insurance and private hospitals.

VA Income Thresholds

Any costs you might be looking at paying are in relation to your VA income thresholds, the amount of money that can be charged based on your reported income. This is never very much, but it does help the VA continue its services for those who need them.

VA Priority Groups

There are VA priority groups, but these are based on level of care needed, not rank or time in service.

VA Copay Income Threshold

So, does the VA have co-pays? They do, if your disability is above 30%. This means you would have to have some form of insurance to cover your expenses in the case you are required to pay something. However, you may not be charged based on the nature and the level of expense involved with your care. The VA copay income threshold is a minimal amount attached to a needs-based account, and completely in relation with your personal income. This means that if you can afford something, the VA will see what that amount is and attach a very reasonable cost to your care. This cost would then be transferred to your Medicare or Tricare policy for coverage.

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