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Does VA Pay for Assisted Living

does VA pay for assisted living

Does VA pay for assisted living? With a great deal of confusion surrounding the benefits paid out to veterans after their service to our country, the long-term questions often seem to be neglected during the out-processing period. Topics such as VA health care, loans, GI Bill and assimilation back into civilian life all make the top of the list, the long-term issues such as end of life care rarely make it to the discussion board. In this article, we will talk about assisted living benefits offered by the VA and the costs associated with the programs. To learn more, please feel free to continue reading on.

Does VA Pay for Assisted Living?

So, does VA pay for assisted living? End of life care is a critical part of any health care plan, and that definitely is true for hospice and assisted living conditions. Many elderly veterans wish to remain in their own homes, but with limited movement and abilities this could prove difficult.An assisted living situation often fits the bill, as hired helpers come into the home to help maintain it, check their patients’ needs and assist with everything from washing dishes to changing catheters. This allows a vet to remain in a dignified environment and enjoy a much higher quality of life in their golden years.

VA Assisted Living Near Me

A search of VA assisted living near me will reveal a large collection of approved, official VA housing opportunities for veterans complete with whole assistance facilities for hospice care to retirement communities where the VA runs the show. Any option begins with the concept of dignity and gratitude for the veteran’s service, and the VA pays for it. There may be additional fees covered by Medicaid, but these are slight and specific to each individual resident.

Veterans Benefits for Spouses

There also exist housing options as veterans benefits for spouses, though these would go through the significant other’s individual VA health insurance plan. O learn more about these options, contact your local VA office for more information.

Veterans Independent Living

So, does VA pay for assisted living for golden years veterans? Depending on the situation, the answer is yes. Whether it is a situation with veterans independent living in their own homes or welcomed into a VA retirement facility with managed care, with the subsidization of social security and medicare a veteran can spend their remaining time in a safe and caring environment with full dignity deserving of their time serving their country.

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