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How Do We Pay for Medicare

how do we pay for medicare

Presuming that the existence of disease will never occur, the need for medical care on a day to day basis will be forever a concern for consumers. An injury can be paid for out of pocket otherwise, though the continued reality of illness is what keeps retirees up at night. What happens when the time comes to use a health care plan? Perhaps Medicare isn’t enough. In fact, it isn’t. Let’s get that straight right now. But what other plans out there even offer the level of accepted coverage as the federal program? It destroys budgets, breaks apart families and makes the wealthy even richer day by day. How do we pay for Medicare? With our sweat and tears and toil, once a week for every week we earn a paycheck, that’s how.

How Do We Pay for Medicare?

So, how do we pay for Medicare? Through weekly deductions form our paychecks, along with our social security and tax withholding’s. This means it is supposed to be prepaid, though with the lack of benefits coverage and the need for supplemental plans, it isn’t true.

Medicare Easy Pay

The Medicare easy pay program lets you pay your premiums and track your deductibles online without having to rely on monthly mailed statements on your policy’s progress.

Do You Pay for Medicare?

So, do you pay for Medicare? Not for the plan a of Medicare, but seeing as how that plan is failing and offers no real benefits, you will be paying when you buy supplemental plans.

How Much Does Medicare Cost at Age 65?

How do we pay for medicare? By providing a way for the government to directly bill us for our inclusion in the Medicare system, we have unwittingly given up our freedom of choice. By electing representatives who become oligarchs and leaders, we have given up the control of a nation developed for the people and by the people. There is no going back, as the US has become one of the vilest, terror-striving nations on the planet, where the phrase absolute power corrupts absolutely is the word of the day. How much does Medicare cost at age 65? It costs more than that it does at 40, and even more than it would if you were eligible today. The point is the system is a Ponzi scheme directed to reduce the security, wealth and property of the working poor who then are brainwashed to support big business and the interest of the ultra-wealthy out of desperation.

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