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How Does a Fixed Indemnity Plan Work

how does a fixed indemnity plan work

There are more insurance policies entering the market each day than babies being born in US hospitals on an equal rate. Can you believe that? There is so much money in insurance that policies simply flood the market trying to capture the attention of the skeptical and hopefully persuade them to sign up. The basic concepts remain the same but with a little tweak here and there to appear different. You research into your needs compared with the language and fine print of a policy is your only defense from being completely taken for a ride. Millions learned the hard way when they signed up on the open exchange, only to realize their rates skyrocketed and their benefits collapsed. How does a fixed indemnity plan work? We will explore this type of coverage below, so if you wish to learn how to better protect your personal wealth by not being suckered into an empty insurance policy, please continue reading.

How Does a Fixed Indemnity Plan Work?

So, how does a fixed indemnity plan work? You and your insurance company determine your risk for harming a patient and then set a fixed amount of coverage for restitution. Your policy will pay off automatically either in a court settlement or out of court.

What is Medical Indemnity Insurance?

So, what is medical indemnity insurance? It is a policy designed to pay off patients for whom the doctor or hospital has harmed.

Fixed Hospital Indemnity

A fixed hospital indemnity policy is the same animal, where a level of payment is collected and an insurance policy activates its payment structure.

Indemnity Plan VS PPO

So, how does a fixed indemnity plan work? Remembering that indemnity is a licensed product that is kind of like gambling insurance, an indemnity policy will pay off only if you are sued for wrong doing or causing harm to someone else. For an average consumer, it makes no sense whatsoever to pick one up. But insurance companies will still try and sell you one based on your paranoia. For those who are associated with hospitals or are doctors, an indemnity policy will pay off malpractice suits against you in order to keep your reputation clean and your bank account at the same level as before the accidental harming of a patient. For consumers, in the debate over indemnity plan vs PPO, always go with the PPO.

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