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How Is Medicaid Expansion Paid

how is medicaid expansion paid

Within the halls of the consumer oligarchy, there exist certain elements that must be maintained in order to keep the populace under thumb. This means pleasing them with simple, low-cost things such as bread and water services, with sewer and trash removal being what appears to be the most important. There are schools that act as day-care centers where parents can place their kids for the day without having to pay for the service, and certain requirements to keep the price of gas down. These keep them quiet, so that those in the halls of power can continue to make money off the backs of the working poor. Affordable health insurance used to be the hallmark, but with the ever-increasing decline into poverty, more of the masses are eligible for Medicaid. How is Medicaid expansion paid? We will look at this chain of finances in the following article, so if you want to learn more, please feel free to continue reading.

How Is Medicaid Expansion Paid?

So, how is Medicaid expansion paid? It is drawn from the common taxes paid by all who under law have to pay their fair share. That means the middle and lower-classes. The wealthy have no tax burden, and therefore do not pay into a system they do not require.

ACA Medicaid Expansion

The ACA Medicaid expansion increased the number of consumers who could be eligible for the program, but this is only because of the ever increasing amounts of the working poor in this country. Where once there was a solid division between the classes, the dissolving of the middle-class is putting additional pressure on socialized services.

Medicaid Funding by State

Medicaid funding by state is a matter determined by the balance of wealth in each state. If you wish to know more about how your state balances out the funds, visit the state health department site online.

Medicaid Expansion Federal Match

So, how is Medicaid expansion paid? It is paid for through the contributions of the taxpayers, though there is no ear-marked amount or percentage that is shuttled towards the program. In fact, the funds are withdrawn at the discretion of the governmental wealthy, those who determine the best use of tax-payer money while focusing on increasing their own wealth. With a Medicaid expansion federal match, it sounds like a positive notion, but the actual mechanics behind the program are murky. The fact remains that funds are primarily for the use of the wealthy in this country, while the poor are sedated with simple programs that are cost-efficient.

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