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How Long Does It Take for a Drug to Become Generic

how long does it take for a drug to become generic

The battle for health care has been raging since the 1970s, where the laws regarding the field were drastically erased and new ones put up in their place. Once, medical attention was a sacred institution, where hospitals and insurance companies were there to assist and care for their consumers. Now, the field has been weaponized as a method for reducing the wealth of the working poor, reducing their voice in the government. What once was a not-for-profit system regulated by the government for the people and by the people is now an empty hunger that feeds the bank accounts of the ultra-wealthy. This creep of predatory pricing is most evident in the practices of the pharmaceutical companies, where a pill that costs pennies to create costs thousands of dollars to prescribe. How long does it take for a drug to become generic, and therefore, more affordable? We will look at this issue in the following article and hopefully provide you with some reasonable answers.

How Long Does It Take for a Drug to Become Generic?

So, how long does it take for a drug to become generic? When it comes to length, usually a drug has a commercial copyright placed on it for protection for four to five years. This is done by the FDA. Afterwards, the formula is publicly released so other manufacturers can make some money off it with lower costs associated with it.

Generic Drugs

Generic drugs can be found with every commercial equivalent after the copyright and protections expire. Often the parent company will stop making it and focus on something else.

Drug Patent Length

Drug patent length is determined and assigned by the FDA. There is no arguing against their decision.

FDA Generic Drugs

So, how long does it take for a drug to become generic? This is a slightly different answer for the type of drug, but the averages are between four and five years. This is the standard set by the FDA generic drugs commission, and it is highly managed. Though the government enjoys assisting big pharma in fleecing the consumer public, there is an extent that they will let it happen. That is because new drugs become available every day, and the profits can still come rolling in without interruption.

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