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How Much Does VA Health Care Cost

how much does VA health care cost

With a great deal being said about health care on the news these days thanks in part to the political races underway, it is often a case of misinformation making it into the public record. One politician might say one thing, while another says the complete opposite about the same issue. It is all a matter of perspective in the media, and this is a shame as the raw information to inform the public is lost in the manipulation of banter. With so many candidates saying so much without saying anything, a lot can be lost in translation. How much does VA health care cost, and how does it affect the average civilian home budget? We will look at this issue in this article.

How Much Does VA Health Care Cost?

So, how much does VA health care cost? This number is based on who you are and why you are asking. For military members, the cost will be somewhere between free and extremely inexpensive. These numbers are based on both the disability of the veteran and the income level reported for care.

VA Income Thresholds

VA income thresholds are fixed, so it doesn’t matter is you are making that much on the west coast or the east coast. You cost is relative to a fixed income level.

VA Income Limits

VA income limits really don’t exist, but for the most part, those who can afford high-priced health care often don’t utilize the VA health care system.

Annual Cost of Veterans Benefits

So, how much does VA health care cost? This is a relative question based on what the desired outcome of the answer is. For example, do you mean for the military member themselves? This would be calculated based on level of disability and income level. That means it can be anywhere from free to a small copay and deductible. On the other hand, the annual cost of veterans benefits to the government is a floating amount, usually underfunded, that changes from fiscal cycle to fiscal cycle. Though in the billions of dollars, it is a pittance of a budget compared to special projects of politicians that earn income for them. The fact remains that the costs are well below anything that would cause a blip on the national budget, while at the same time allowing the VA to make do with what funds they have.

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