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How Much is Insurance for a Child

how much is insurance for a child

Health care for an individual is one of the simplest things to spend your money on. You know what you need for your policy coverage, and you have so far figured out the expenses associated with selling yourself to the insurance conglomerates for little to no benefit coverage. You have a general idea where you can go to use your insurance, and you might even understand the unfair balance of co-pays, deductibles and premiums. One is high while the other being sold to you is low. Go figure. In the end it all washes out and you will end up paying just as much for one coverage type as another. With family members, it begins to get murky. How much is insurance for a child? You might have a general idea on how much it costs for you, but insurance companies know how to take advantage of little children and get the most profit from your paycheck as they can.

How Much is Insurance for a Child?

So, how much is insurance for a child? On average, it can be one and half times more expensive than a similar policy for an adult. Children are seen as liabilities by the insurance companies, just as pregnant women are, so they raise their rates accordingly.

Health Insurance Policy for Child Only

If you want a health insurance policy for child only, any insurance company can accommodate you.

Health Insurance Marketplace

The health insurance marketplace is mostly set up for adults, but if you wish to shop around, you might get lucky and find a reasonably priced policy just for kids.

Aetna Child Only Health Insurance

So,how much is insurance for a child? Generally speaking, because of their age and inability to care for themselves, insurance companies view them as a liability, not only to themselves but to you as well. That means you are more likely to spend more of your paycheck on your kids as you would on yourself, and rates reflect this. On average, child insurance is one and a half times more expensive than adult insurance. This is because it is a seller’s market, and you have so few options that insurance companies inflate the prices to make more money from you. If you need proof, take a look at the Aetna child only health insurance policy breakdown available on their website.

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