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Is Aflac Considered Health Insurance

is aflac considered health insurance

With all of the talk circulating on the benefits of having a private health insurance policy instead of one subsidized by the government, either through Medicare, Medicaid or the ACA health care exchange, it is no wonder that the advertising for these private insurance companies isn’t exactly clear. Now, to be straight, they are much better policies than the ones managed by the government, on behalf of these same insurance companies, and this is because the insurance companies wish to drive traffic to their own managed policies. Sure, there are questions as to why, and why buying your own private policy is cheaper than one through the exchange, but this answer lies in how insurance companies bill the government in those subsidies. Now, is Aflac considered health insurance? In this article, we will go over this in detail.

Is Aflac Considered Health Insurance?

So, is Aflac considered health insurance? It is not, simply because Aflac itself is an insurance company. They do offer a wide variety of private health insurance policies for consumers, and these would of course be considered health insurance policies.

Aflac Medical Insurance

Aflac medical insurance is highly rated by the powers that rate such things and have excellent BBB reviews and feedback from current and former clients. The costs are within reason, and still below the average on the federal; and state subsidy exchanges, and their claims for benefits seem to go smoothly to the satisfaction of the customers they serve.

Aflac Insurance Reviews

If you wish to learn more, simply go online and search for Aflac insurance reviews.

What Does Aflac Cover?

So, is Aflac considered health insurance? As a company, no, because it is just that, a company. Now, Aflac does offer a reasonable health insurance policy portfolio, and their reviews are quite good in comparison to other insurance companies, but the company itself is not an insurance policy. They not only offer medical insurance, but also home, auto, boat, business and a whole host of policy options that you can choose from. What does Aflac cover? It covers whatever thing of value, including your own body, that you feel needs and insurance policy for protection. You may be paying a little bit more for a specialized policy that they normally don’t carry in their books, but they are eager to earn your business and can write a protection policy for whatever you wish.

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