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Is Anxiety a Pre-Existing Condition

is anxiety a pre existing condition

Is anxiety a pre-existing condition? In some cases, you will expect it to rightly be so, but in others it may not be to your advantage to be pre-diagnosed as such. And with anxiety being such a broad swath of a condition, different diagnosis’ count toward different codes on insurance labeling forms. For those folks who are looking at swapping health insurance, signing up for the first time through the ACA or expecting a short stint on Cobra coverage, knowing how to handle anxiety as a reporting element can be tricky. In this article, we will explore the different ramifications of anxiety as known condition in relation to a new or adjusted health insurance policy.

Is Anxiety a Pre-Existing Condition?

So, is anxiety a pre-existing condition where health insurance eligibility is concerned? As a stand-alone diagnosis, it is unlikely that it will negatively affect your rates when swapping policies or getting short term coverage while between jobs. However, if there exist related issues to your anxiety such as a history of self-harm, diabetes or something similar, you may be looking at an impact of your rates based on those issues.

Pre-Existing Condition Examples

Pre-existing condition examples are listed in the fine print of any insurance policy write up, so if you have questions you should review these with your agent before signing up for anything. A little cleric language can end up costing you a fortune.

Is Mental Illness a Pre-Existing Condition

Is mental illness a pre-existing condition? This one is simple only because of the way the question is phrased. The diagnosis of separate mental issue conditions is a complicated and varied field of medicine. Each much be regarded separately, considering the treatment history, expense related to it and progression of the condition.

Pre-Existing Conditions Statistics

So, is anxiety a pre-existing condition as related to health insurance policies, both new and old? According to pre-existing conditions statistics, the diagnosis when treated becomes an aspect of continued care but due to the flexible nature of the issue, may not be considered a pre-existing condition where coverage eligibility is concerned. If the history includes more serious issues related to the anxiety such as self-harm, diabetes or similar side-effects, then a discussion with your insurance agent will be in order to find the right policy for you.

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