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Is Healthcare Free for Veterans

is healthcare free for veterans

Now that we almost have some of the longest wars in our history behind us, we have seen an expected rise in veterans coming out of the service who are seeking to activate their benefits as promised by their enlistment. There are many questions being tossed about, and one seems to stand out from the rest as the most significant and most confusing by some standards. Is healthcare free for veterans? One would think the answer would be simple, but with so many new rules and regulations going into effect, you can never be too sure of the outcome. This article will go into the details of the VA qualifications for healthcare and attempt to make it simple to understand.

Is Healthcare Free for Veterans?

So, is healthcare free for veterans? The answer is best answered after understanding who gets healthcare benefits from the VA. Anyone who served in the military, whether during time of war or peace and was given an honorable discharge from the military is guaranteed free healthcare from the VA system. However, not all former military were discharged with a clear honorable discharge. If you take a look at your government form DD-214, you will see the very clear notation of discharge type. Not only can it be notated as honorable, but it can also say other-than honorable or dishonorable. Either of the last two disqualify a former military member from receiving benefits from the VA system

Am I Enrolled in VA Health Care?

Am I enrolled in VA health care? During the out-processing portion of your enlistment, you will have been given some papers to assist you in filing for your benefits. However, if you have misplaced these or forgot if you sent them in, simply contact the VA and they can help you get things straight. They have direct access to your military records if you provide them with the information and can get you on track if the need exists.

Veterans Health Insurance

Don’t forget, there is also veterans health insurance for dependents and spouses, who though are not veterans themselves, they do deserve assistance for their support of you and the mission all those years.

VA Disability Income Limits

So, is healthcare free for veterans? If the veteran was discharged with an honorable discharge, then yes, health care is free. There are many benefits beyond simple health care, however, that the VA offers with no charge to vets. Contact your local office to set up a conversation to discuss other things such as spousal health insurance based on VA disability income limits, housing loans and small business assistance.

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