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Is Herb a Drug

is herb a drug

So much has been said about the legalization of marijuana and the medical benefits it provides that today we’re going to take a deeper look into what this natural element can do to help us live a better life. Now, there are some drawbacks to the herb, but still much less than alcohol, sugar and narcotics, of course. A little education can go a long way and asking is herb a drug is a good way to start. A drug is something that you ingest to receive a desired effect, whether it is rest, healing or entertainment. Marijuana does all three of these, without the nasty side effects of hang overs, addiction or a drain on your wallet or purse. The fact remains that as a natural supplement used in a variety of manners, the definition and categorization of marijuana is still pretty vague.

Is Herb a Drug?

So, is herb a drug? In the pantheon of herbal medicine and healing arts, marijuana is not considered a drug because it has no foreign ingredients added to it to make it more potent. It seems a simple solution, but as marijuana only has beneficial properties, it is not addictive nor is it expensive as a treatment for a thousand and one ailments.

What is the Most Healing Herb?

What is the most healing herb? That would have to marijuana, with it’s ability to remove stigma from society and make everyone feel good. The positive vibes imparted by it help the body to heal.

Herbal Medicine Articles

If you wish to learn more about marijuana as an herbal supplement to your wellness regimen, you can find the answers in a slew of available herbal medicine articles available through you doctor’s office or online.

Importance of Herbal Medicine

So, is herb a drug? Marijuana would simply be labeled as a non-drug, because it grows naturally and has no additional ingredients for it to become potent. If you planted seeds in the ground and smoked the result, you would not be ingesting a drug but instead a natural supplement in its most direct form. The importance of herbal medicine is that it doesn’t negatively affect the body as it heals it. This of course is the exact opposite of what pharmaceuticals do to the body. Herbal remedies, practiced in the traditional sense, work to locate and remove the causation of disease. Pharmaceuticals only attack the symptoms, hoping for a positive outcome.

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