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Is Medicare Advantage Better than Original Medicare

is medicare advantage better than original medicare

Is Medicare Advantage better than original Medicare? We hear this question a lot, and to be honest, it’s not a fair comparison. There are many things that separate the two when it comes to not only benefits and pay schedules, but also on a more fundamental level. You see, Medicare is a government program that millions of consumers have paid into to receive basic medical insurance coverage. Medicare Advantage is not, though it likes to masquerade on a federal program in order to mollify clients into thinking they are making a sound choice. In this article we will review the issues surrounding these two insurance policies and, in the end, hopefully help you find a solution to your subsidized health insurance coverage needs.

Is Medicare Advantage Better than Original Medicare?

Is Medicare Advantage better than original Medicare? In no way are the two even remotely connected, either by quality or function. Medicare plan a is a basic foundational policy, while Medicare Advantage is a private predatory policy designed to always having you buy more medigap policies to support it.

Medicare Advantage vs Supplement Plans

In the debate of Medicare Advantage vs supplemental plans, the better of the two options are the supplemental plans. At least with them you are receiving a government subsidy to carry them.

Medigap vs Medicare Advantage

When it comes to Medigap vs Medicare Advantage, again, the Medigap wins hands down. Advantage is a predatory policy best known for high deductibles that price most consumers our of protection.

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

So, is Medicare Advantage better than original Medicare? The short answer is no, even though the benefits of the original Medicare aren’t that great either. At least Medicare is subsidized and is an actual government program. Medicare advantage is an amalgamation used by various insurance companies to let people believe that it acts as a supplement to Medicare. It does not. All it does is use the same formula as the supplemental plans, saying it works wonders, yet has the same short falls. That is why it is considered a predatory policy. It is designed to specifically make you spend money but never cash in. The disadvantages of Medicare advantage plans is that they can blind side consumers into think they are a good deal when they clearly aren’t.

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