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Is Medicare Free for Disabled

is medicare free for disabled

The history of health care in this country is a long one, but the one part that should concern us is the adjustments made to the laws regulating health care made in the 1970s. Before that time, health care, meaning both the physical elements derived from doctors and nurses and hospitals, as well as the over-seeing insurance companies, were regulated to a point where it was outright illegal to make a profit off of health care. But, with the 70s, the laws were changed to make health care a for-profit industry. It took off like a rocket, with over-charging, inflated rates and predatory premiums being the norm. Insurance companies became more powerful and started to buy up politicians to cement their profit-making schemes. It is a locked-in society we live in, where we need to have medical attention and now have to pay immense costs to receive it. Is Medicare free for disabled? We will discuss this very important issue in the following article.

Is Medicare Free for Disabled?

So, is Medicare free for disabled persons? No, it is not, just as it is not free for anyone. Just because you paid into it a little at a time over the years doesn’t make it free. You paid for it, and those who are paying into it now are paying for it. The program for the disabled and indigent is called Medicaid, and that is free for those who qualify.

Medicare After Disability Ends

Medicare after disability ends is a possibility, if you paid into the system and are in good standing with the IRS. You may wish to speak with a social worker though to make sure.

Medicare Waiting Period Waived

For some, the Medicare waiting period waived is a possibility, though depending on your situation it could be a while until you have access to it, even if you apply early.

Medicare Disability Requirements List

So, is Medicare free for disabled? In the case of Medicare, no, it is not. Medicare is not free for anyone, just as nothing is free. The costs of Medicare are put into the system early on in life from working a job and paying taxes. If you didn’t pay into the system, you don’t get Medicare. On the other hand, the disabled have access to Medicaid, which is a special program designed specifically for those who can’t get any other form of assistance. Medicare disability requirements list is available online if you wish to review it for your own use.

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