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Is Medicare Plan F Being Discontinued in 2020

is medicare plan F being discontinued in 2020

Is Medicare plan f being discontinued in 2020? This question arises every year, regardless of the date. Medicare plan f is an extremely high deductible plan with little benefit to those who apply for it. The benefits seem like they would be great, and the premium is in the range of other supplemental plans, but when the realization hits about the deductible, few people actually get a chance to have their policy kick in. Because of this, many have suggested removing plan f and plan g for that matter, from the list of approved supplemental plans. Will it happen next year? It depends on the track that congress is heading and if they wish to take on the insurance companies for one of their most profitable insurance plans. Many people buy in, few actually use it.

Is Medicare Plan F Being Discontinued in 2020?

So, is Medicare plan f being discontinues in 2020? There is always that possibility, though the notion has been on the books for years. Your best bet is to stay clear of plan f and g and put your money into something that will actually pay off when you need it to.

What is Happening with Plan F?

Then what is happening with plan f? It will continue to sit there until it expires of is removed completely. There a lot of money being made off that plan, so don’t expect it to happen any time soon.

Medicare Plan F Going Away

Medicare plan f going away is an unlikely scenario, as insurance lobbyists are protecting it heavily. Look at other supplemental plans that could work for you, or speak with a private insurance agent sign up for a cheaper comprehensive private policy.

Medicare Plan F vs Plan G

So, is Medicare plan f being discontinued in 2020? This answer is unknown, but there are always a few senators and congresswomen who make a big speech about how it is predatory in nature and should be removed from the list of subsidized health insurance supplements. However, the insurance lobby is one of the biggest in the capitol, and too many politicians have had their palms greased by the industry. To take on such a highly profitable industry is political suicide for most, so the plans tend to sit quietly waiting for the next sucker to come along. Your best bet is to educate yourself on the differences of Medicare plan f vs plan g and make your own decisions on their value. If it were up to us, we would recommend speaking with a private agent and getting a comprehensive policy for less money than all of your supplemental plans combined.

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