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Is Medicare Single Payer

is medicare single payer

Through all the confusion surrounding the state of federally-advocated health insurance, the details and fine print of Medicare seems to get lost in the mix. Everyone gets it, you’ve paid for it your entire life, so it must be the solution, somehow, of how you are going to provide for your medical insurance needs after retirement. But, is Medicare really the end all, be all of personal health insurance? How much do you know about the process behind the payments? Eventually, you will understand your side of things, from premiums and deductibles to co pays, but how about on the other end? When you are getting medical attention and using Medicare, who is paying? Is Medicare single payer? In this article we will examine the details behind the scenes of Medicare and how the money flows form the coffers of the insurance companies to pay your over-inflated medical bills.

Is Medicare Single Payer?

So, is Medicare single payer? On your end it appears to be so, yet there are many players behind the scenes that get paid after Medicare receives it’s premium each month. This means that there are hidden costs in your monthly bill that goes outside of the system, making it a multi payer on the commercial side.

Medicare for All

When looking at Medicare for all, it seems this will continue. While you receive one bill from Medicare, there will be many on the other end who will get their cut, with the costs rolled into your premiums each month.

Single Payer VS Multi Payer

When looking at single payer vs multi payer, you must be aware of how your administrative costs roll out. Just be careful that these costs aren’t hurting your coverage ability.

Single Payer Health Cost

So, is Medicare single payer? In the sense that the Medicare program writes on check for your expense coverage, yes. However, a great many fingers have their tips in the pie, so to speak. The Medicare administration is simply the consolidation point, where single bills are sent out, and then when payment is received, it is divvied up. Form your perspective, you are participating in a single payer health cost, though the expenses of managing the multi-payer aspect on the receiving end are already calculated into your costs, which you will never see unless you start digging deeper into the system. You are a vessel upon which the wealthy get wealthier, through gambled bets on whether or not you will ever use the policy.

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